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Sweet Dreams

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About the Author,

Jay Crowley lives in Jack's Valley near the base of beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada. All of the stories originate in Nevada, which offers an exciting background, providing lots of story opportunities. I have three dogs and a cat and quite often use a dog in my stories. 

Many of my short stories were written for an online magazine However, I am also published in the following anthologies: "Other Realms-A Collections of Fantasy I & II," "13 Bites, Vol 3 and IV," "Heard it on the Radio" and "Plan 559 From Outer Space, MKII & III", "Free for All", "Collapsar Directive," "Christmas Lites VI, VIII" and "Christmas Lites IX." These are some of my books," Laura", "Not Worthy - Story of Revenge,"  "Maggie," and "Drum of Hope."

The new book "Drum of Hope" is about the famous Sutro Tunnel, the mining experience in Virginia City, and sex trafficking.

"Maggie" This is a fun action-packed story of airmail arrows, horse poaching, and a quilting club that helps solve the mystery.  Enjoy.

"Laura" A vicious murder has taken place in the Lamoille Canyon outside of Elko, Nevada. The death triggers a series of events that scares people in the area for different reasons. Is the killer in the mist? And worst yet is it, someone, they all know?

"A Selection of My Short Stories." It is in paperback and on Kindle.  There are fourteen short stories from all different genres. Some have been published in Five 59 Mag, various anthologies, and a few have never been published. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing. 

"Opal" A Nevada adventure...The story takes place in the rugged Virgin Valley area. Opal grew up in Denio, Nevada, the opal mining area of the state. Opal always dreamed of being a paleontologist and discovering that great find of the century.

Little did she know that together with her dog, Pickles, and her friend, Jake, they would find more than they bargained for...

 "Ship in the Desert" There is a cement ship in the desert by Hawthorne, Nevada. Brad Benson had always wanted to see the ship. His uncle used to dry bomb it during World War II. So Brad, his wife Angela, and their dog Macks hike into the Nevada desert to see it. They never suspected what was about to happen, and its effect on Brad's PTSD. Because of the experience, their lives go through many twists and turns, and nothing will ever be the same.

 "Cabin in the Meadow" Megan has always wanted to live the pioneer adventure in Hope Valley, Nevada for a year alone with her dog, Jasper. Her experience of living out her dream may turn out to be more than she expected. That dream might turn out to be more of a nightmare.

Natalie's Adventures - Natalie's Adventures is a series of three short stories about a 14-year-old girl's adventures. Natalie lives in Jacks's Valley, outside of Carson City, Nevada. "All for One" involves a murder. "A Treasure Hunt" is just that, and "The Vacation to Great Basin National Park" involves solving a mystery about a 130-year-old lost rifle. Natalie's Adventures is a series of three short stories about a 14-year-old girl's adventures.  

Not Worthy, Story of Revenge - Native Amerian children from different tribes were forced to attend Indian Schools in different States. The Stewart Indian School was open from 1890 to 1980. For fifty years, they were forced to attend. The deep wound these boarding school created is called "Soul Wounds" as the family bonds were broken.  This story follows a young girl from childhood to adulthood, and how she was taught to feel unworthy and how she got her revenge,




Mike W.  reviewed Opal and gave five stars.
A very good representation of the Local and Rural Life and the ... March 31, 2017
A well Written Tale with down to Earth and Very Human Caricatures. As a Rock Hound and Member of a Gem and Mineral Club, what caught my eye was Opal and Virgin Valley, Nv. A very good representation of the Local and Rural Life and the People that Live and Work There. I read this on Unlimited, liked it so much I Purchased A Copy for Kindle.


All of my books have received 4 and 5-star reviews.  Thanks to you readers.

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The genre of my writing varies from novels, novellas, short stories, essays, anthologies, fantasy to children's stories.

2015, 2017, and 2019  National Novel Writing Month winner; to win, you must write 50,000 words in the month of November. In 2015, I completed in three weeks. the stories are published. One is non-fiction regarding a double lung transplant journey. "A Gift from Nate." 2017 was for "Laura," takes place in Elko, Nv and is about a murder, DNA and forensics. The 2019 award was for the book about Sutro Tunnel, the town of Sutro, and sex trafficking. Called "The Drum of Hope".

I have a new book coming out end of September, hopefully, it is called "Lahonton City." It deals with ghost towns, mining, and little mystery. As always, I give you "Nevada History with a mystery."


I was recently selected to appear in the "Whos Who of Emerging Authors 2020. "


If you like crisp, concise writing using Nevada as the backdrop, you will enjoy my stories.  I give you a little history with a mystery. I have several more projects in the works, watch for them on Amazon. 

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I do writing them. 

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